Action Team’s Guiding Principles

The Poverty Free Action Team‘s guiding principles are to make this group accessible and collaborative. Based on these, it has set the following goals drafted at the first Action Team meeting (then known as the Poverty Reduction Action Committee):

Share Knowledge

  • Build platform for people to share their experience
  • Create opportunities for learning, knowledge sharing & self-advocacy
  • Challenge misconceptions
  • Of what poverty line looks like
  • About who people living in poverty are

Raise Awareness

  • Increase public awareness & make issues more visible
  • Bring attention to different groups affected by poverty
  • Get message across to people with the “better life”
  • Get schools and youth more involved

Influence Government

  • Make poverty a top priority at all levels of government
  • Influence government to make policy change (institutional change)
  • Pressure politicians to develop a poverty reduction strategy

Engage and Collaborate with Community

  • Get involved in the community
  • Work towards a more equal and fair society
  • Improve living conditions of others in community
  • Support activities of the coalition
  • Support marginalized communities
  • Better education
  • Bring attention to wages
  • Living Wage
  • High cost of living in Vancouver

Doesn’t this sound good? See anything you’d like to do, change or try? Then let’s get working!
Contact us and find out where the next meeting is. See you there!